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This course teaches participants HOW to spell as opposed to memorizing WHAT to spell.  All too often, spelling programs are disjointed, confusing for students, and don't answer the all-important question, "why".  Why do we spell the way we do?  Silver Moon® answers "why".  It brings spelling to life using creative, charming characters and logical rules while at the same time creating memorable and meaningful learning experiences. View a video preview of the course goals here.

This course has been prerecorded from a live class.  It is originally a 6-hour class but has been condensed to 3 hours and 40 minutes to accommodate online learners.  The course is organized into 5 different chapters to enable participants to navigate easily through course content. See below for chapter topics.


Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Instructor's Manual, Set 1 (Blue Book) is the primary text for this class. Though not necessary, it is recommended that you follow along in the manual as you participate in the class.  After purchasing this class,  you will receive an email for 20% off the purchase of the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Kit, Set 1.  You will also have access to watch and re-watch the class as many times as you'd like for one full year.  Silver Moon® products can be purchased in our store using this link.

During this class, there are supplements to the Silver Moon® program that will be referenced.  These supplements are available to you free of charge and will be shared electronically after you've purchased the course.

Who is this class for?

English language spelling is not as unpredictable and crazy as many think!  This class is for anyone who'd like to understand spelling better.  Whether your goal is to work with students or help yourself with your own spelling skills, this course presents the most foundational and essential spelling rules to begin your journey into understanding English language spelling patterns.  Previous participants include Orton Gillingham specialists, specialized learning centers for those with dyslexia, tutoring centers, public school, and private school teachers, reading specialists, speech and language pathologists, and parents.  I guarantee, no matter your level of expertise, there will be new concepts that you will learn from taking this course.

Course Goals

  1. Become familiar with Set 1 of the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Program.  This includes how to use the materials, the organization of the instructor's manual, and the sequence and layout of the lesson plans.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of foundational spelling and reading skills such as - phonemic awareness, basic auditory discrimination skills, and alphabetic principle.
  3. Learn the names and faces of all 21 spelling rules (from Set 1 of the Silver Moon® Curriculum) and how to teach each rule explicitly and sequentially.  These rules include 4 schwa spelling rules and how to teach students about accenting.
  4. Learn how to use multi-sensory strategies to support student memory and learning.
  5. Learn to identify open and closed syllables and apply basic syllable division rules to improve spelling and reading skills.

Previous Courses & Testimonials

This course has been offered to preservice teachers at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  Also in attendance were reading specialists, homeschool parents, and public and private school teachers.  This course has been held for private dyslexia reading centers such as the, Dyslexia Achievement Center in Elm Grove, WI.  View a video testimonial from Barb Felix, MA CALP.

5 Chapters & Topics

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. Course Goals & Benefits
  2. Assumptions Before Starting
  3. Getting Acquainted with Materials
  4. Sequence, Organization & Lesson Procedures

Chapter 2: Part 1

  1. Preview Part 1 of the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Instructor's Manual
  2. Lessons 1-6 and corresponding spelling rules
  3. Game/Activity Demonstration

Chapter 3: Part 2

  1. Preview Part 2 of the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Instructor's Manual
  2. Lessons 7-17 and corresponding spelling rules
  3. Game/Activity Demonstration

Chapter 4: Part 3

  1. Preview Part 3 of the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Instructor's Manual
  2. Lessons 18-21 and corresponding spelling rules
  3. Game/Activity Demonstration & Basic Syllable Division Rules

Chapter 5: Closing and Preview of Set 2 (Silent E and Sticky Unit Syllables)

  1. Preview of Set 2: Silent E and Sticky Unit Syllables
  2. Thank You and the Joy of Teaching
  3. Click HERE to watch a short story from chapter 5!

Tell Me More!

The best part of this program is watching the light bulbs go on after what has often been years of frustration over spelling. Students have fun learning the names and faces of each spelling rule, searching for hidden clues within the images while building a solid foundational understanding of why we spell the way we do.

Clock Hours

Please ask about clock hours for completing this course (ALTA). Email us at

Instructor: Kelly Steinke, M.A.Ed., NBCT

*Email or call the instructor directly if you have any questions. Email:


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