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"I LOVE Silver Moon Spelling. I have used it with my intervention students in both elementary and middle school to help them understand the spelling patterns of the English language. Unlike other spelling programs, this one has engaging pictures, catchy mnemonics, and structured practice with each spelling pattern. My students loved doing this work. An added bonus was that as their spelling improved, so did their automatic word identification. I highly recommend Silver Moon for private tutors, parents, K-3 classroom teachers, and elementary and middle school interventionists."
Dorothy Morrison, Ph.D.
Retired director of university reading clinic
WI Middle School Interventionist
“Children with dyslexia and or processing issues learn much better when they use a program with an exciting visual component. Silver Moon Spelling Rules offers a format that is vibrant, colorful and fun, making it easier for these students to remember what they’re learning. The lessons are ideal in length and I really like the way they are scripted in an easy to understand format. The program offers quick, simple videos that show the parent/teacher how to teach the each concept. The supplemental flashcards make learning fun and allow the student an extra opportunity to put the rules into practice. As a dyslexia therapist, I highly recommend, Silver Moon Spelling Rules for any student who is struggling with spelling.”
Dana Kay Brenner
CALT, Dyslexia Specialist, WI IDA Board Member
“Silver Moon Spelling Rules has been an invaluable resource to me in teaching high ability students who struggle with spelling. This research based system of learning has provided my students with engaging methods of learning spelling rules/patterns. It’s a comprehensive approach to teaching spelling, and easy to implement in the classroom. I could not be happier with the results. More importantly, my students are finally feeling successful after years of struggling to learn how to spell.”
Karen Hovie
Middle School Magnet Teacher for Gifted and Talented
“Kelly is an insightful, dynamic, and passionate speaker as well as educational professional. Her Silver Moon program utilizes an explicit, cumulative, and multi-sensory approach that is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age.”
Sherry Nedens
Reading Specialist with Project Success UW-Oshkosh, DSAW Board Member
“My daughter is diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD. She has always struggled with spelling. This program is a great fit for her. Instead of relying on her memory to spell accurately, she is able to remember the rules presented in this program and apply them when she is spelling.”
Samantha H.
“Silver Moon Spelling Rules makes sense. My students love the characters and have fun earning spelling rule cards. Their self-confidence has improved. They’ve started understanding how to spell words correctly instead of memorizing words for spelling tests - which they forget after the test. I’ve even seen improvement in their reading and writing! I would recommend using this program with any struggling speller.”
Kimberly V.
4th Grade Teacher
“When I brought my six year old son to READ Learning Educational Services, he was struggling to keep up in Kindergarten. He dreaded going to school every day because it was "too hard" and he had frequent meltdowns at home. He had recently been diagnosed with dyslexia. Within a month of working with READ I began to notice that full days were going by without meltdowns. As my son learned his letters and sounds and began to read, he gained confidence in himself and his abilities. He no longer dreads going to school and he is content. He is learning rapidly with READ (using an OG approach with Silver Moon Spelling Rules), unlike what he was able to do in traditional classroom settings. The experience of being taught in a way that makes sense to him seems to have shown him that he is capable, and I believe this knowledge has the potential to change the direction of his entire educational career."
Gerry Benthein
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