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Program Features

Our product flyer provides more information about the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules program including background information, what products we have available, and why teachers love Silver Moon. Follow the link to download our flyer.

Take Your Student's Education to New Heights.

Silver Moon® Spelling Rules curriculum and professional development courses were created to meet the needs of both teachers and students. 

Originally created for small group instruction, Silver Moon® is the solution for struggling spellers. Students improve their spelling through building a deeper understanding of our language. 

Progression of Skills

Silver Moon(R) introduces spelling rules and reading concepts in the following order. Use our screeners to
determine if students have the foundational skills* necessary to begin Silver Moon lessons. 

Sample Pretest & Lesson Plan

Check out a sample of our Lesson plans! The below sample is taken from Set 2. 

We Believe Spelling is Important.

Poor spelling has no correlation to intelligence, though it can affect a person's confidence and how we're viewed by peers and colleagues. Poor spelling can also be embarrassing and frustrating. Research shows that English Language spelling is between 84% - 90% rule based.  Strong spelling instruction will improve spelling, reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression, and confidence.

Meeting Student & Teacher Needs

Since its creation in 2015, Silver Moon® is meeting the needs of teachers and students.  Many teachers have not been trained to teach spelling rules using an explicit, systematic, cumulative, and multi-sensory approach.  Silver Moon® is the solution for this problem.  

Silver Moon® is being used with many types of students and with a variety of ages and grade levels. Currently, Silver Moon® is being implemented by special education teachers, general education teachers, reading specialists, gifted and talented teachers, English as a Second Language (ESL/ELL) teachers, private dyslexia specialists/clinics, college of education students, and parents. We are proud to share that our products are also endorsed and distributed by: William VanCleave (WVCED) and eNasco Special Education Supply.

About the Author

Silver Moon® curriculum and professional development courses were created by Kelly Steinke. Kelly is a former special education teacher who, after working in various teaching positions across the country, saw a common and consistent gap in teacher knowledge in the area of literacy - specifically systematic and explicit phonics, phonemic awareness, and word structure. She created Silver Moon® to give teachers this much needed information, enabling them to teach spelling in a manner that also improves literacy. All students benefit from Silver Moon® instruction, but struggling readers and spellers reap the most benefits.

Kelly is the creator and author of Silver Moon®, the director and president of READ Learning Educational Services, LLC, a "dynamic, insightful and passionate" speaker/presenter, the President of the WI State Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and an adjunct university instructor.

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