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  • “Children with dyslexia and or processing issues learn much better when they use a program with an exciting visual component. Silver Moon Spelling Rules offers a format that is vibrant, colorful and fun, making it easier for these students to remember what they’re learning. The lessons are ideal in length and I really like the way they are scripted in an easy to understand format. The program offers quick, simple videos that show the parent/teacher how to teach the each concept. The supplemental flashcards make learning fun and allow the student an extra opportunity to put the rules into practice. As a dyslexia therapist, I highly recommend, Silver Moon Spelling Rules for any student who is struggling with spelling.”

    Dana Kay Brenner

    CALT, Dyslexia Specialist, WI IDA Board Member
  • “Silver Moon Spelling Rules has been an invaluable resource to me in teaching high ability students who struggle with spelling. This research based system of learning has provided my students with engaging methods of learning spelling rules/patterns. It’s a comprehensive approach to teaching spelling, and easy to implement in the classroom. I could not be happier with the results. More importantly, my students are finally feeling successful after years of struggling to learn how to spell.”

    Karen Hovie

    Middle School Magnet Teacher for Gifted and Talented
  • “Kelly is an insightful, dynamic, and passionate speaker as well as educational professional. Her Silver Moon program utilizes an explicit, cumulative, and multi-sensory approach that is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age.”

    Sherry Nedens

    Reading Specialist with Project Success UW-Oshkosh, DSAW Board Member

Product Demonstrations

This teacher masterfully engages her student in one of our recommended extension activities.
Students practice identifying common spelling rules (generalizations) in words using this activity.
This clip was taken from the professional development course, Systematic Spelling Instruction Using Silver Moon Spelling Rules.
Our video resources were created to support your instruction while using the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules program. On this page you will find a variety of videos ranging from demonstration videos, discussions about specific spelling rules, reading & spelling strategy videos, testimonials, and professional development snippets.
Watch this demonstration to learn how to play our Rule Match games. These games reinforce spelling rules that were taught using the Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Program. This video will also show you how to use your Silver Moon Spelling Rule Cards for word sort activities.
Kate Wagner is a remote learning coach and dyslexia interventionist for READ Learning. Additionally Kate offers her expertise as a subject matter expert blogger for Silver Moon® Spelling Rules!
If your school district or private reading center is looking for a fun way to teach spelling rules, Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Professional Development courses (online and/or in person) may be of interest to you!

Reading/Spelling Strategies

Schwa can be intimidating to teach, but it doesn't have to be! Have a listen while Kate and Kelly discuss the often elusive schwa.
Kate and Kelly demonstrate how to reinforce the "Extra Exam" spelling rule (spelling with EX) using a treasure hunt game. Treasure Hunt is a game that can be played remotely or in person and can be adapted for different concepts.
Kate demonstrates techniques to help struggling spellers with one-syllable words and multi-syllable words.
Kelly and Kelly briefly teach a moment in how to use Visual Strategies to differentiate between the letters b, p, and d for students.
This video demonstrates the "Touch & Say" reading strategy. This strategy enables students to sound words out so they don't have to guess at words while reading. Guessing can be a very difficult habit to break. Also demonstrated is the use of a reading guide to assist students with tracking.
It’s important to emphasize that there are two common ways to spell /k/ at the end of a word: CK and K. In order to know which to use, the speller must look at the letter right before the /k/ sound. Then, insert a CK if it’s a short vowel and K if it’s not.
Let’s chat about the challenge of matching the correct spelling for /ch/ when you have a bunch of ways to spell it. It really is a cinch if you ditch the guessing and snatch the rule from this catch-y vlog! Visit this link to follow along and to find free downloads to practice with your students!
Silver Moon® Spelling Rules offers two witty and creative rules to help when spelling the /k/ sound at the beginning of words.
Silver Moon® Spelling Rules offers a new twist on the FLOSS spelling rule! Kate & I discuss why I've given this rule a fresh name & face, how the rule works & share 3 activity pages we've produced for the Sam Loves Fried Zucchini rule!
The Cricket Caper game reinforces learning from lesson 12 in Set 1.  As students play they read multisyllabic words and use our rules to determine how to spell the /k/ sound in the middle of words.
Kate and Kelly go over a new game to help with the "doubling rule". Check out this demonstration and more at
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