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Our Orton Gillingham-influenced products are educational tools for those who struggle with spelling and/or reading. Each set (kit) includes easy-to-use instructions for teachers, specialists, and parents alike, that can be used to help students who are struggling due to underlying learning differences.

Silver Moon® Spelling Rules Instructor Card Set Only (Set 3)


Teach spelling rules explicitly and systematically with these creative flash cards!  Silver Moon®'s spelling rules build in difficulty and support memory through the use of mnemonics, visual imagery and picture clues.

Cards in Set 3 include 10 American English Spelling rules that cover 11 basic vowel teams, 13 bossy R and bossy W patterns, and 7 types of syllables.

These cards are appropriate for multiple grade levels. There are endless possibilities for their use in the classroom, private practice, or home school.

Included in this card deck are 17 full color and back to back spelling rule cards.  Larger size is intended for teacher use or display.

Size = 6" x 8.5"


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